Church Work Bee

Date: June 10th                  Time: 9:00 am 

Join us for our Church Work Bee, a day dedicated to refreshing and revitalizing our beloved church! This event is an opportunity for our congregation to come together and lend a helping hand in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of our sacred space.

During the Church Work Bee, we have planned various tasks both inside and outside the church building. Our primary focus will be on cleaning and tidying the interior spaces, ensuring they are welcoming and pristine for worship and fellowship. We will also be working on enhancing the exterior by engaging in landscaping activities to create an inviting environment for all who enter our grounds.

No matter your skill level or experience, your assistance is greatly appreciated! Whether you have a green thumb, an eye for organization, or simply a willing heart, there will be tasks suitable for everyone. Together, we can accomplish great things and make a noticeable difference within our church community.

By participating in the Church Work Bee, you will not only contribute to the physical upkeep of our church but also strengthen the bonds of friendship and unity among our congregation. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow members, share laughter, and build lasting memories.