Children’s Ministry

Welcome to the MCCA Children’s Ministry – a place of joy, learning, and growth for children ages 4 to 12! Our vibrant and inclusive community is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where children can explore their faith, engage in exciting crafts and games, and discover the timeless wisdom of the Bible. We warmly invite all parents and guardians to join us in this wonderful journey, and we are incredibly grateful to any volunteers who wish to get involved in shaping the hearts and minds of our young ones.

What We Offer:

Bible Lessons: Through interactive and age-appropriate Bible lessons, we aim to instill important values and teachings from the Scriptures. Our passionate and dedicated teachers are committed to making the Bible come alive for our children, helping them understand its relevance to their lives.

Crafts and Activities: Creativity knows no bounds in our Children’s Ministry! Kids will have a blast engaging in various crafts and activities that not only foster imagination and artistic expression but also reinforce the lessons and stories from the Bible.

Fun Games: Laughter and play are essential to a child’s development, which is why we have an array of fun games that promote teamwork, friendship, and problem-solving. Our games are carefully designed to align with the values we cherish as a faith community.

Safe and Caring Environment: Your child’s safety is our top priority. We maintain a secure and welcoming atmosphere where children can feel comfortable, loved, and encouraged to explore their faith.

Nursery Care: We also offer nursery care during our worship services, providing a safe and nurturing space for infants and toddlers. Our dedicated volunteers ensure that your little ones are well taken care of, allowing you to participate in the service with peace of mind. We warmly welcome all children to experience the joy of our nursery while you join us in worship.

Get Involved:

If you’re interested in joining our Children’s Ministry team, feel free to ask one of our volunteers! We’re always excited to welcome new members to our team and appreciate your willingness to make a positive impact on the lives of our young ones. Together, we can create a nurturing and joyful environment for our children to explore their faith, engage in fun activities, and grow in love and knowledge.

Please Note: As the school year concludes, Sunday School will be on a break during the summer. However, we are happy to offer post-worship care for children aged 4 to 12. After the regular service, our dedicated volunteers will provide a safe and fun environment for the kids to play and engage in age-appropriate activities, fostering friendships and connections within our church community. We look forward to spending the summer with your children and resuming Sunday School once the new school year begins. Thank you for being part of our MCCA family, and we can’t wait to see you at our worship services!

Every Child Is Welcome — At our MCCA Sunday School!

‘But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Do not stop them!  For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.